Magnetic Tourmaline Belt For The Back With Waist Ceinture Tourmaline Support Brace Massager

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Item Type: Braces & Supports
Brand Name: KLASVSA
Model Number: Self-heating Tourmaline Belt
Colour: Black
Material: Tourmaline Powder, Magnetic Balls, Cotton & Polyester

This heating waist support can improve the microcirculation of the waist. Promote fracture healing and improve wrist strength.

The back is built in 4 medical orthopaedic steel plate support strip, the steel plate can be better-fixed support to protect the lumbar spine which is beneficial to the recovery and balance of the body.

Double-effect hight elastic belts are tightened and constructive on the waist and abdomen and then reduce weight and slimming waist.

. Thermal acupuncture dot matrix, heating fast and lasting effect 

. Anion with the functions of fresh air, clear harmful gases, as formaldehyde benzene and ammonia, eliminate the peculiar smell.

. Fixing and supporting the waists could prevent the waist secondary injury and combine with the exercise self-control the get the effect of the model body.

. Conductive to the waist functions balance and restore prevent and treat disease.